Featured in the Sept-Oct 2005 issue of AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE (Sheryl Crow on the cover). In an article featuring mail-in demos, the staff at AS assigned rough demos to several song demo companies and rated their interpretations. "SONGWRITERDEMO.COM gave a solid interpretation..the singer is utmost country and the production  draws well on the country shuffle reference. ... you couldn't go wrong in selecting them to do your demo."


Simply the best songwriter demos anywhere!
Since 1979, CUMBERLAND RECORDING STUDIO and SONGWRITERDEMO.COM (now located in Music Valley at Gene Breeden Recording Complex) have been helping songwriters, artists and poets add music to poems and musical ideas.  We specialize in creating  professional full-mix songwriter demos.

Let our experience work for you!
k for you!
If you have a rough  song demo, lyrics you've written, or even a poem that you have always wanted to put to music,  just send it to SongWriterDemo.com.  We use top- notch, professional musicians to compliment your material, and singers who can best interpret your lyrics. You can also pick the vocalist you want from our sample section.

Professionally Produced and Mastered

You will receive a professionally produced CD, complete with your choice of male or female vocal and five instruments (acoustic guitar, electric lead guitar, bass, keyboards and drums). We also include, free of charge, a full length instrumental track version of your song, so you can add your own vocals later.

Cut Your Own Album. . .
Want to cut your own album or sing the song yourself?  Give us a call we will make it happen-from preproduction to duplication.  If you don't compose music, just send us your poem or lyrics, and for a very low fee one of our talented songwriters will compose a melody in the style of your choosing. We don't retain any of the rights to your material. It's all yours!!
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